Elfbot NG - the ultimate bot for Tibia!

Now after few years of being inactive the original elfbot86.com site is back to provide you the best bot for tibia again!
All you need in just one simple bot, healing, cavebot, dash, war tools of each type, ability to use advanced scripts,
synchronise with your team through navi and that's not even the half of what Elfbot got to offer!
Not good enough for you? There is more we've got to offer!
We also selected the best hotkeys, pvp & cavebot scripts made by us and our users so you'll never have to worry about this again!
Want to send us your scripts? Found any bugs? Wanna share some nice ideas? Feel free to contact with us through email admin[at]elfbot86.com
So, to all you boters out there, if you already used our software one day you know what we mean,
and if it's your first time with Elfbot NG, prepare yourself for some real carnage! Here you can download Elfbot 8.6 for Tibia

Password to archive is : elfbot

PVP Scripts

Take a look on the smashing battle scripts & hotkeys we selected for YOU! With these ideal timed and well-prepared scripts you'll beat anyone anytime!

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Cavebot Scripts

Exping? Ain't nobody got time for that! Level up quick and prepare for war with our cavebot scripts!

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Quick Video Tour

Check how to use tool!
elf bot tutorial